Audio System Upgrade

Upgraded Audio System, Speakers, and CD Changer

One of my first requirements for harmonious long distance travel is a quality audio system. With the Lazy Daze's near perfect layout for a family, the kids can be separated a full 20' from the driver for most of the driving day, allowing for an appreciation of music with minimal interruptions from the offspring.

Polk DX-7 Replacement Speakers

Front cab speakers - The stock speakers with the 1999 E-450 Motorhome are woefully inadequate. I found that the Polk DX-7 speakers are an incredible sounding set of 5x7 speakers that fit as a near perfect replacement for the stock the front cab speakers. Removal of the trim and molding to access the speakers was a little bit of a challenge but I was able to fabricate a mount that worked perfectly. (Not sure, but I may have used a piece of 1/8" Plexiglas to make a mounting bracket)

Rear Speakers - The same Polk DX-7's (about $110 a pair), was used to replace the stock rear speakers. The only challenge here was that the speaker magnet is bigger, and would extend into the storage compartment if they were mounted flush as the originals. I made a mounting "gasket" out of a piece of 3/4" plywood and mounted the stock grill on it. The entire set-up was then painted flat black but your tastes may vary.

They sound incredible. However, if your musical tastes run towards the use of extreme bass, the entire rear cabinets will resonate at inopportune times, and much additional support will be required.

Panasonic or Other Audio Head & CD Changer with Remote

At the time I opted for a Panasonic 4 channel with CD Changer and wireless remote control. The remote is about the size of a flattened box of matches, and "with some critical aiming", can adjust volume, and switch tracks while I recline in the rear couch of the rig, watching the sunset or young at play while I unwind. The CD changer is mounted under the front passenger seat with the opening for 7 disc cartridges towards the driver's side opening. The cartridge can be swapped while driving, but with 7 CD's worth of music, there is really no need to.

Apple IPOD integration

With my recent purchase of a 40GB Apple IPOD and subsequent conversion of all CDs to MP3 format, I no longer am using CDs at all in the house, or on the road. This will save considerable space as the little IPOD can hold as much musical content as 500 CD. As such, I will be planning to install a line input adapter from the Panasonic head to the Apple IPOD.

Bre on May 27, 2016

Thanks so much for all the incredibly valuable information on your website. We are from PA and are currently planning a four week RV trip to explore the west. Your website has been so helpful! Quick question: A couple nights ago, I came across your page on boating tips (how you transported the boat and motor, etc) but now when I try to access it, I get the following message: "We are very sorry!
We have just undergone a website conversion to a new system, and you appear to be trying to access a page that has been moved without a forwarding address." Is there another way I can access this page? I was hoping to show it to my husband so he could do something similar.